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PWL Studio worked with Chippery Cookies in the studio several times over several campaigns. Once Otis Spunkmeyer came into the picture, PWL collaborated with Chippery on all the new marketing and packaging materials for the new brand. Images were used for fundraising, commercial and their gourmet line

Fruity Pebbles CHP White Almond CHP Pecan Pie Thaw and Serve School Chocolate Chunk Chippery Brownie Chippery Pigs in a Blanket CHIP Doz Cin Rolls CHIP Coco Macaroon CHIP Choc Chunk Pecan CHIP Chocolate Mint Chip 00000023 Rasin Oatmeal Chippery MM Cookie Chippery Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Cake Lemon Cookie Oatmeal Rasin Chocolate Chunk Chippery Cookies

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