This is the best type of project for us at PWL Studio. We love René Magritte! He was this very cool Belgian surrealist that created all sort of odd paintings for very ordinary objects. He was constantly an observers' idea of reality. His work has had a significant influence on many modern artists.

We also love M Penner! We have worked with them for years on their editorial and fashion photography in Houston. For this project, we had the freedom to shoot some images in The Menil Collection in Houston. Then we set up a studio at the M Penner store location. Then back at the studio, we did all of the photoshop retouchings on the images to create a play on PWL studio interpretation of René Magritte.



3 Moon Scarf Heads Magritte M Penner Photo
Pengu Swim School
The Ivy Lofts
M PENNER at Menil Collection
Scarf Heads Magritte M Penner Photo
Tootsies Product Shots


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